JoYeUx NoEL !

I wish you a merry Christmas and an happy new year !

It's holiday time...

Nice video motion by United Fakes


3D animation presented as an event installation using matchmoving and compositing techniques.
Box materials were hand painted and scanned into the computer to create the materials for this project.


I always love the tiltshift effect in photography,
sometimes i play with the online tool like tiltshiftmaker,
i found this video on Fubiz, a very cool work for Colorama by Keith Loutit
and the Upper First studio for McCann Malmö agency.

Design For Life by Philippe Starck

For those which do not live in England, you can follow now the Reality TV show of Philippe Starck entitled “Design For Life”. The first episode in the continuation…

incredible demo reels

Just found this incredible show reel vidéo made by Pantural, on youtube...

Enjoy !

Augmented Reality in Yesterday Future

Boris Tellegen,

better known as DELTA, was one of the top european graffiti artist in the early 90's, i always love is work and style, and today when i cleaned up some old Safari links, i refound a link to is old website...

And i remember this so cool video, showing his graffiti style, in a artistic 3D way, a sort of augmented reality before the time..

Delta - YKK from VILLA on Vimeo.

Today, Boris Tellegen wakes up at 6 a.m. to the sound of his infant wanting to be fed. After daddy duty, Telegen becomes DELTA, a name he scribbled furiously on Amsterdam property, in his youth. “The fact that I’m not 20 or 25, personally, I don’t feel the urge to prove myself anymore as a writer,” he says, adding that letters continue to be the base of his creations, and is in his Amsterdam studio crafting monolithic art for his personal satisfaction and his client’s needs. Telegen’s passion rests in yesterday’s future, “I choose my name in the ‘80’s. I choose the name DELTA, because I thought it sounded cool and, at the time, Transformers were on television and rappers were called Captain Rock, Flash and the Ultramagnetic MCs,” he says, adding that his vinyl toy, Rader (the Rader toy is limited with 600 produced), is a tribute to yester-decade’s future.

You can find an interview of DELTA at FORMATMAG, and his work here.

Visualization Survey have just put online their last survey about the visualization industry.

Earlier this year they conducted there third worldwide industry survey to help determine the current state of the field and how the current economy has impacted businesses. There last survey was conducted in 2006. The survey this year was taken by almost 3,000 respondents and provided some very insightful information about where things are headed.

Night view : Making Of Matte Painting

Pool Deck Visualization from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

Nice Making Of, Pool Deck visualization, Matte Painting videos by Gordon Tarpley

The Artlantis Attitude : Getting the Attitude & Using it

The Abvent Group, editor and publisher of Artlantis software, present The Artlantis Attitude by Dwight Atkinson.

Commissioned by Abvent, The Artlantis Attitude builds on the basic Artlantis tutorials and Help files by promoting an attitude of efficiency.

The 227-page book is a collection of ideas and practices covering the strengths of Artlantis Render and Artlantis Studio. Offering strategies and illustration principles used by professional illustrators, the book is a must-have for Artlantis users who are serious about getting the most out of this innovative rendering tool.

According to Atkinson, “The Artlantis Attitude screen companion projects the user into the Artlantis performance stratosphere by dissecting projects ranging from modest interiors to office towers. This is a guide to artistic and productive success.”

Dwight Atkinson is curious. (as he call itself on is Flickr...)
rendering guru and author of Lightworks in ArchiCAD, Using Artlantis since 1997, He has learned more things about computer illustration
An architect and public artist, he excels in computer illustration because his work is on the edge of design.
He keeps trying to make Artlantis do better things.

I'm so proud and happy to be approach by Dwight, for givin some of my tricks for the book, thanks again Dwight.

Check the Abvent website for more information

The Farnsworth House

Testing the demo of Artlantis 3,
with The Farnsworth House by Mies Van Der Rohe,
Trying to do something with 3D grass, flower and trees in a autumn mood...

(3D model by Peter Guthrie with Sketchup)
Check the Farnsworth website for more info about this wonderfull Mies project.